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Message From Maria

I am ecstatic to have a newsletter where we can celebrate our successes of feeding those in need and reducing food waste. We hope this newsletter will provide a better perspective of the work that we do through the eyes of volunteers, recipients, and donors. With two of our busiest months of the year upon us, we hope you will join us in bringing even more wonderful meals to the tables of the needy.  Each and every one of you have made this impact possible.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!   

Maria Yap

Founder and Executive Director

Volunteer Recognition

After the holidays, we will reward volunteers who do the most food runs with gift cards and other prizes quarterly.  The first time period measured will be November through January. Also, stay tuned for live face-to-face events to be scheduled in late January/early February.

You can increase the number of runs you do in the following ways:

  1. Sign up for a regular weekly (or bi-weekly) run

  2. Check Chowmatch daily, especially between the hours of 1-5pm.

  3. Plan your week on Sunday. Read the available runs email that comes out on Sunday evenings, sign up, and get them on your calendar.

Thank you and congratulations to these food runners who completed the greatest number of runs during the month of October.

Regular Runners

1. Peggy M., Mtn. View

2. Christopher N., San Jose

3. Elizabeth J., Sunnyvale

4. Leonard D., Fremont

5. Steven B., San Carlos

6. John K., Campbell

7. Dan A., San Jose

8. Madhu K., Los Gatos

9. Charlie M., Menlo Park

10. Liz A., Mtn. View

On Call Runners

1. Mary C., Daly City

2. Wyman W., South SF

3. Silvia O., Foster City

4. Anna L., San Carlos

5. Bob L., Los Altos Hills

6. Mietta R., Redwood City

7. Rica L., Daly City

8. Jim C., Palo Alto

9. Patti V., Los Gatos

10. Michelle K., Belmont