Our Mission

The mission of Peninsula Food Runners is to alleviate hunger and minimize food waste on the Peninsula and in the Silicon Valley area. Everyday, Peninsula Food Runners relays a wide variety of wonderfully prepared and non prepared food to community feeding organizations in both San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.

Many thanks to BKW Partners and Office Wiederholt for pro bono video production.

We hope that in accomplishing our mission, the secondary benefits will be address as well.  Here are some of the benefits.

  • Supplying additional help with delivery and reducing cost with food donations to Recipients.
  • Providing Donors, and Volunteers the opportunity to give back by feeding their own communities.
  • Improving access to nutritional foods consumed at corporations and delivering these donated food to those in need.
  • Addressing the quality time these families get to spend with each other by providing prepared meals.  Expecting them to cook in order to encourage healthy eating does address the time constraints felt by both working adults. 
  • Reducing the cost of food among clients with fixed income allows extra money to be spend on other needs  (i.e. seniors don't have to choose between medicine or meals),
  • Recouping any portion of $165 Billion dollars (the cost of 40% of the food wasted) in marketing cost and human resources attributed to bringing food to the consumers. By just recovering 15% of food surplus in our communities, we will be able to feed 25 million more people.  According to Feeding America, 13% of Californian are experiencing food insecurities.  San Mateo county rates are hovering at 17%  where as Santa Clara is at 11% and Alameda County is at  22%. 
  • Reducing the household gases cause by food waste left to decompose in the landfills. i.e Methane one of the household gases released is 20X more potent than CO2.

We are always looking for new Donors, Volunteers and Recipients, so please sign up today!  To make a financial donation to help Peninsula Food Runners continue to offer this service, please click here.