Recipient FAQ

What does Peninsula Food Runners food distribution program offers my organization?

  • Offers an additional part time staff to deliver food to your program.

  • Offers high quality nutritional catered food that many successful for profit companies feed their employees.

  • Offers impact reporting to your non profit in terms of $ amount spend on food distribution (the cost of a volunteer, software logistic cost, human resources, etc.) to your organization.

  • Offers the non profits free community exposure to the Peninsula Food Runners Volunteers as well as Donors. This has resulted with cross over volunteering. i.e. PFR volunteer whom discovered Samaritan House through Peninsula Food Runners ended up volunteering to serve meals this past Christmas Day.

  • Offers supplement food donations that can be used to be incorporated into planned meals. i.e. donations of mash potatoes or roasted vegetables incorporated into stews or soups.

  • Offers a variety of food for clients so that they can enjoy meals and are not tired out by repetitive menus cooked by same chefs.

  • Offers Food Runners Volunteers that have pass with 85% grade for Food Safety Awareness Test.

This program sounds wonderful, what is the cost to our feeding program?   

  • No cost to any recipient organization.

  • This program was created in hopes to reduce food insecurities among people who are struggling as well to capture the wonderful edible food that is being routed to the landfills. This program offers the opportunity to anyone who can help give one to two hours of their time to build up their needy members in the community.

How can we can efficiently use the ChowMatch software to provide for our feeding programs?

  • Take the time to access your account at or if you are not sure sign up at If you are already receiving food more than likely, you already have an account. Accessing with your email. Click the forget password in order to reset your password to your account.

  • Once you have access your account please state exactly what your needs are by checking off the choices that are provided in your account. Take note the quantity, the type of donations and the frequency of food donations you would want. By doing so the ChowMatch software will know to match the donations by your capacity, frequency and your needs.

What are some of the features you can expect from ChowMatch software?

  • Offers you the ability to rate the Volunteers, the Donor and the Donations

  • Offer you the ability to qualify and quantify the donations you have received and sign off on it

  • Offer you the ability to state your vacation days so that food deliveries will stop and be directed to other accounts.

  • Offers you the ability to participate as a back up food runner to ensure that in the event no Volunteer steps up, you as a recipient will be notified and have choice to claim your food before it is offered to another recipient.

Whom should we call if we have special request for donations, schedule changes or any other questions?  

  • The best direct and most efficient way to get a message to us is by calling Peninsula Food Runners at 415-826-6903 or send a message to We will call or email you back as promptly as possible.

 What is the food safety recommendations for Consumption?

  • When receiving any prepared food, please heat up the food to 165 degrees before consumption or refrigerate the food for later use. (left overs are good for 3-4 days or 3-4 months if frozen for later use). Enclosed is additional information on consumption of prepared food.