Become a Donor

Welcome and thank you for your partnership as we embark on this journey to feed those in need and to recapture food that would otherwise be tossed into landfills. Our mission is simple: to take food that would otherwise be thrown away and give it to those in need.  In the United States we waste 40% of food that makes it to market. Recouping only 15% of that would feed 25 million people.

All over San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, businesses that care about alleviating waste and ending hunger are calling Peninsula Food Runners. Our volunteers happily pick up their excess perishable and prepared foods and deliver it immediately to local shelters and food programs in need.

We've partnered with ChowMatch to manage our food donations.  To donate food, please sign-up on the ChowMatch application.

Businesses like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Starbucks donate food to Peninsula Food Runners. Corporate departments and cafeterias like Wal-Mart, Compass Group, LinkedIn, AOL, Genentech, SalesForce, Turn, Addepar, Andreessen, Fenwick & West LLP, and 23&Me also donate excess food. Caterers such as , Joshua Catering, Rebecca Jean Catering, Guckenheimer Catering, Cater2Me, and Paula LeDuc are joining the cause to eliminate food waste and reduce hunger.


Donating surplus food is safe and legal. It is important to note that all donors of food are protected from legal liability by both state and federal laws. For more information about Legal Liability, please click here.

If you have excess food from home or a small private event, please click here to find a local shelter to deliver food.